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BEST patriotic movies to watch on 15th August

15 BEST patriotic movie to watch on 15th August

Our Bollywood has given us many patriotic movies. Be it Border where army men are seen suffering a lot. Be it Chak De India where a game is a field to cherish nationalism. Due to these varieties in Indian Bollywood, we are having a list of movies to be watched on15th of August. After you are smitten with nationalism while watching the bravery of a secret Indian spy in the recent Alia Bhatt’s movie, ‘Raazi’, you are having a few more patriotic movies to watch on 15th August.

1) Gold

The movie is set in the post-independence era. The fight amongst those few Indians who are doing well in some field. Here it was a team of few hockey players who wanted to bag gold for India in Olympics. And to see it’s newly originated flag rise high giving the signal that it was a strong independent country. The hockey players at that time did not even get the full facility for practicing due to low governmental programs promoting them. The story is about the team’s coach and the role is essayed by Akshay Kumar.

patriotic movies to watch on 15th August

2) Mulk

Mulk movie is, picturing hardships on a Muslim Indian family when their own child goes into the way of jihad. Also, the whole family is acclaimed as a terrorist. The head of the family is arrested and is put in front of the whole nation as a terrorist. The family is, however, having a lawyer who is the daughter of the detainee. The detainee is played by Rishi Kapoor and the lawyer/ daughter is Tapsi Pannu. The movie is a legal room drama where nationalism comes in the form of a diverse religious issue. When one religion raises doubts regarding other religious’ patriotism.

patriotic movies to watch on 15th August

3) Satyamev Jayate

Satyamev Jayate is about a police officer who has worked his full life for his country. Then he takes away his life with the only medal he is awarded due to some corrupted conspiracy. However, his son vows to clear the corruption in the Indian police without himself being one. He kills corrupted policemen around the city. The twist occurs when he is about to face an honest police officer. The officer was in charge of the anonymous killing in the city. Furthermore, they also share the same long-term goal of cleaning up the Indian police circuit.

patriotic movies to watch on 15th August

4) Rashtraputra

The upcoming movie is based upon the life and facts of the first commander of the surgical strikes, Chandrashekhar Azad. The movie will be showing lesser-known facts about the veteran national fighter. The lead role is also played by Aazaad. He is also the debutant director of the movie. The movie will be produced under Bombay Talkies after a five-year-long wait. The movie will be produced in five languages including Hindi, English, and Punjabi. The biopic will be well expected to be received by every corner of India.

patriotic movies to watch on 15th August

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