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5 things Women wants their partner to do more

5 things Women wants their partner to do more

5 things Women wants their partner to do more

There is a famous one-liner that “men are from Mars, women are from Venus. They both have a different prescription on anything. Especially in the case of women and this could be tough to figure out the situations for men that what are the thing that your partner wants and the things you are doing is that right or wrong?
Now we are here to help you out 5 things women want their partner to do more.


This is the most important and touchy one because respect is so important to any kind of relationship. You don’t have to agree on everything under the sun, guys. But letting your lady know that you still respect her views, career, her friend’s family etc. will make a world of difference in your relationship. In most cases, she will reciprocate that respect, and that will make things much easier in your relationship.


If a women is about to embark on a project, or has a goal that she wants to meet then having a much support as possible is key to success. Knowing the desire of your lady’s heart and motivating her will let her know that she is not alone in her endeavors. This simply means not encouraging or enabling bas habits and lazy traits. Having that extra bit encouragement will make the difference between failure and success.


To piggy back off the last entry, being positive goes a long way. Yes there is a time to be cynical and negative but don’t let it be a permanent part of the life. Being optimistic and having a positive outlook on life is contagious, along with being negative. Eventually, being with someone who is negative and cynical gets exhausting, and a woman doesn’t want to be around that on permanent basics.


We know this one isn’t a huge shocker but it’s still important to emphasize! Its better for you to preventing arguments is to keep an open line of communication. If something is bugging you, and you’re taking it out on your girl, she really gonna want to know why! The simple thing you can do in this matter is to tell her! And just tell her. That way she won’t be so worried and freak out as much instead of this you will probably get some extra support.

5. SEX

Women and men both enjoy sex actually it’s the perfect combination they share. But there are times when women want more than “wam, bam, thank you, mam”. Actually, men take some time and cover all base like to cover the base from first base to home plate. Rushing it doesn’t look romantic, but sometimes there is a moment for that. But as you are wooing and romancing your lady, take your time to really sweep her off her feet in the realms of bed room activity

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