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5 worst Bollywood movies of 2018

5 worst Bollywood movies of 2018

2018 began as a golden year for all the Bollywood junkies out there but we still can’t ignore the fact that many 2018 movies left us utterly disappointed. Here we are with some top 5 worst movie list that everyone should go through so that they save their precious time which would be get wasted if they make their mind to watch these.

1. Race 3

worst Bollywood movies of 2018

Race 3 tops the list of the most disappointing movie. It is Bollywood at it’s all-time low. I mean why? Is this life so boring? Why do you make films like this? And above all, you promote it as a masterpiece! It is even worse than Tubelight. I feel pity for audiences who buy costly tickets for such movies. Till 1.5 hrs you won’t even know why they have made the movie.

Remo Dsouza’s epitome of poor direction to a poor plot with very poor dialogues.

Special pity for audiences causes they cant even skip the songs. Not one, not even a single track is worth listening. Leave the music aside, lyrics are pathetic too. Miserable direction and writing lead to the subpar performance from Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Jacqueline. Saquib and Daisy aren’t even to be considered as actors here. The cast is strictly cringeworthy, and the dialogues even triter. “It’s a done deal. Signed, sealed and delivered with a kiss,” Bobby Deol tells us about the flame in his life, while Salman’s own love-story-gone-awry tale is precluded with Saqib saying “background music ki bhi bahut zaroori hai na.” “Toh ab tum mujhpe line maaroge? Officially?”Jacqueline Fernandez asks of her would-be paramour. “You’re such a jerk!” she later berates him, to which he replies, ever so subtly, “You’re right. I was a jerk.”

The movie was released in the month of June but it became more unbearable than the scorching heat.

2. Hate Story 4

 5 worst Bollywood movies of 2018

Next, we have is Hate story 4 which is no better than Race 3. It is also a part of the Hate story series but it turned out to be utterly disappointing. It’s the worst installment in the hate story franchise. It is devoid of thrills. The plot is laughable and sometimes the acting too. The songs are an excuse for some forgettable sequences which are just pushed in between the frames to extend the run time of the film. The dialogues can be cringy and most of the times too cheesy to digest. As mentioned earlier, it is a combination of the previous films in this franchise and that makes this film a complete mess. It fails to find it’s original voice and misses the mark far away from the point. The background score is loud and ear piercing, it will make you cover your ears in pain. The film tries to give a good message but miserably fails due to its poor writing and execution. In the end, Hate Story 4 is not even watchable unlike its predecessors and will fail to leave an impression behind. It doesn’t properly utilize its cast and attempts to tell an outdated story with no major impact.

3. 1921

 top 5 worst Bollywood movies of 2018

How can we forget 1921 in this list? 1921 starred Zarine Khan and Karan Kundra. While Zarine looked beautiful in the movie Kundra failed at acting and expressions.

The horror scenes are constrained and unsurprising and even inspire chuckling numerous times. You realize that something spooky anticipates you in the following scene and you’re altogether prepared for it and more than getting frightened, it influences you to roar with laughter. The boisterous and spooky ambient melodies on consistently scene simply don’t help the monstrously exhausting plot which tries its level best to drive you away from your seats.

We’ve seen emotions in different movies, however, when the lead performing artists break into a song after every few scenes, that is what really frightens you.

4. Welcome to New York

 worst Bollywood movies of 2018

Then comes the Welcome To New York, another movie full of Bollywood stars but lacked proper script. It’s a total time and money waste. I don’t understand why big actors refuse to do any small producers good film but easily gets ready to do such a bundle film.  The film didn’t have much to give with outdated jokes thus it landed up being the 4th worst movie of 2018.

5. Pari

 Bollywood movies of 2018

At last, we have Pari which wasn’t that bad as many people loved it but still it got many of its facts wrong. Although the movie had a good message hidden in it, it could have been better to watch. The story is a complete mess as it makes no sense at what it’s trying to convey or what it’s referring to when it comes to the Creature of Islamic Folklore/Myth.

While the film succeeds to terrify you and keep you on the edge of your seat, its brutal treatment with dark setting makes it an awkward watch in significant parts. A few scenes of expulsion are irritating deeply. Additionally, an undesirable love edge with an anticipated end is a slight setback.

Although 2018 has brought some of the greatest hits of Bollywood like Raazi, Parmanu, and many others, it hasn’t failed to disappoint the audience with these five pathetic excuse for a movie.

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  1. Lovely list of movies, thanks for the reminder and i will be watching Welcome to New York the worst ever with Sonakshi Sinha, it’s just funny to me.

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