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6 best Makeup hacks for oily skin

6 best Makeup hacks for oily skin

6 best Makeup hacks for oily skin


Girls who have oily skin always get through with some problems during their makeup like their makeup gets fade and get melted which make your face look sweaty. Secondly, the face gets oily and the T-zone gets extremely shiny and the worst problem that they face is that makeup tends to oxidize that is mainly the shades of makeup become darker after some time.

So here are some simple tips which you can use and get rid of these problems

1. Prime Your Skin

Primers hold a protective layer between your skin and foundation. Apply this on your oily area like behind the nose on your forehead and chin. But if after cleaning your face and before applying foundation, powder or other makeup.

2. Choose Good Foundation

This should be taken in the notice that you choose a good foundation as it sits on your skin all day long. An important tip to choose a foundation for oily skin is to opt for non-comedogenic formula. This will helpful for oily skin people.

3. Don’t overdo Powder

Many girls mistook this wrong trick of putting an excess pile of powder on your face. This trick will backfire you by producing more oils from the pores. Apply powder only on shiny parts of your face. In case if you apply too much powder then use the makeup sponge and blot it over.

4. Carry blotting paper

When your face gets shiny during the day you should go for the blotting papers to lift up the excess oil from the face. Don’t rub it on your face just gently press the paper wherever the skin is oily.

5. Go For Oily Products

As it is natural that oily skin will produce more than enough oil than any type of skin. So this would be the easy option that you invest your makeup products that are oil-free so they don’t clog your pores.

6. Prepare Your Peepers

If your eyelids get oily and your eyeshadow tends to crease that you can apply translucent powder as a base for eyeshadow works wonderfully.



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