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6 best TV shows for Teens

6 best Tv shows for teens

6 best TV shows for Teens

When it comes to choosing a TV show that will make you feel like one who had just eaten up all the time surfing about the show to be watched and ended up with nothing in your hand. The list below solves all your problem as it selects out only those Shows that are best watched among teens all across the globe. We hope you find it useful enough.

1) 13 Reasons Why?

 6 best Tv shows for teens

The series is loved by the teenage group as it revolved around college romance and delve into issues that some teens actually face. It reports about the grave consequences of the abused at a high school and colleges and in what ways these can harm someone.

2) My So-called life

 best Tv shows for teens

The series is a tragedy show that encapsulates the hardships of being a teenager. It vividly explains how a relationship and teenage anxieties can lead you to worse situations. The series also explains how can they be a avoided at a clear scale?

3) Degrassi: The Next Generation

 Six best Tv shows for teens

It was one of the longest running teen drama. The series touched upon issues like drug, suicide, teen pregnancy, sexism, relationships etc. It managed to go up to 14 seasons.

4) Pretty Little Liars

 Tv shows for teens

The thriller series is about murders that will lead a gang of friends to hide the truth to stay safe. But as the scene proceeds it tells more about the conspiracy and claims that are bound to follow blackmails.

5) Friday Night Lights

 what is the best tv shows for teen

There is a storyline that has all that can keep you glued. A hot coach Eric Taylor, a murder series, raw and sensitive character Matt Saracen. A beautiful lead and the best stuff you will expect from a teen show.

6) Buffy The Vampire Slayer

 best tv shows on netflix

A 16-year-old heroine who is both fearless and beautiful! The show is paving the way for some supernatural faves and all it manages your curiosity at its best move.

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