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6 Tips to make your relationship strong

6 Tips to make your relationship strong

6 Tips to make your relationship strong

Starting a relationship is easy. What seems to be more of a challenge is maintaining the fire in it. Both of you should always add fuel to it to make it last. Without fuel, the flame will soon die.

As above the line says to every relationship starting phase is always smooth and easy but gradually the time flies there being some other and another problem that affect that smoothness.

Here are some tips to make your relationship healthy and strong as before and maintain that spark forever.

1. You gotta be BEST FRIENDS

You may get have some different hobbies other than being romantic. When you are just romantic it’s really going to be bland so whatever you guys to do is give each other a comfort zone just same as the friends don’t get too much cozy but do hang out and chill together watch scary movies together and do make videos together. This will surely energies the bond and balance that spark.

2. Be REAL

Being real emphasized that whatever thoughts are going around in your mind just express to your partner. Sometimes hiding your real thoughts and pretending yourself to be a fake can cost you much. Just you people are spending quite long time with each other there are times when they caught you and at that time things get more bad and complicated.

3. Understands

This is specially for girls that if your boyfriend doesn’t answer your texts in an hour or takes some time like who cares actually guys literally don’t think about the stuff like the girls do like she is not texting back it seems to be annoying and like I am waiting for an hour all these blah blah.  Don’t analyze the things and just try to understand that guys are guys if they are answering you obviously doing some work or might be involved in some kind of an important stuff. Don’t do double text the same text which you have sent it an hour ago. All you can be just act patiently it’s not that hard.

4. Keep your old-fashioned

Your relationship quite old fashion because this kind of ties in with whole understanding thing because you should not rely on the technology and texting to keep your relationship you shouldn’t call each other more often. In early back day men used to be the gentleman because they have to give the effort to keep their relationship such as by writing a note spending a certain amount of sense on phone calls. Nowadays technology we have that now is destroying relationships. Social media the No. 1 thing that you should not base your relationship doesn’t go on dumbest stuff that happens on social media.

5. Effort

One person can’t be doing or be dealing work and stuff in a relationship. It takes you both to keep your relationship rolling in a better way. The effort is the best a good night and good morning text that help there.

6. Reassurance

Girls are good at this they usually express their feeling and gratitude to their boyfriends that they love them and all but sometimes boyfriend slacks off what saying “I love you” you look beautiful today like they need to reassure their girl that they really matter to them. These stuff will make your girl feel secure and they won’t be getting jealous with someone else out theirs.

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