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9 Beautiful corners of Northeast India

9 Beautiful Places to visit Northeast India

9 Beautiful Places to visit Northeast India

Ever dreamt about the seven sisters of our country? Ever knew about the charms in their hilly landscapes? Ever wanted to visit these scarcely populated and solitude places?

There are a many more beautiful places in our North-East region that are meant to be travelled. The refreshing valleys and moors that will give you a chance to build up the stillest memories down the lane. The northeast remains highly unexplored however it is a storehouse of folk music and drama.

1.  Ujjayanta  Palace, Tripura

9 Beautiful corners of Northeast India

The palace is now a museum but it earlier used to be the palace to the Tripura kingdom. It was established around 1901 and was architect by Sir Alexander Martin. The palace is situated at the core of the city and is the major attraction of the state.

2. Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

9 Beautiful destination of Northeast India

The place with the thinnest density of population is known for variety of orchids it produces. The state is having an old monastery which has accommodated around 700 monks and is a home to almost 450 lamas. The monastery is also having a library which is adorned with many expensive books and manuscripts.

3. Umshiang, Meghalaya

9 Beautiful places of Northeast India

The rubber trees here sometimes build the roots some of which are even 100 ft long. Also known as living root bridges that will give you the feel of Mougli and the aura will be exactly close to wildlife. These bridges are very old and are naturally grown. These are found in the bosoms of the Khasi Hills and Jaintia hills.

4. Champai, Mizoram

9 places to visit in northeast india

Champai is the border town in Mizoeam. The place is very well known to be the headquarters of Lalbura Sailo who wasa Mizo chief. British directed an expedition against him during 1871-72. The place was accorded the status of a fort durin =g the British Period.

5. Kaziranga, Assam

Beautiful places of Northeast India

Kaziranga is a very famous National Park, also declared as the UNESCO world heritage. The place offers Jeep Safari, forests wetlands and grasslands. The place is known for being the largest reservoir of one-horned rhinoceroses.

6. Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

beautiful places to visit in northeast india

The lake is the highest fresh water lake at an altitude of 17000ft. It can be reached through the zig-zag way that is also accompanied by shimmering waterfalls. The milky white lake is also religiously upheld in Buddhism.

7. Unakoti Hills, Tripura

best destination to visit in northeast india

It is a place of worship with a lot of rock reliefs dedicated to lord Shiva. It dates back to 7th and 9th centuries. The place is consisting of rock carvings, murals, natural waterfalls and huge mountains.

8) Loktak Lake, Manipur

best places to visit in india

It is the largest fresh water lake in Northeast India. It is the having the largest phumids which are concentrated at the southern ends of the lake. Floating on this lake is also one of the national Park. The park is famous for being home to Eld’s deer.

9. Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

places to visit in northeast india

Always in spotlight due to the very famous Hornbills festival, Nagaland is very close to very mother nature. And this place is a living example of this.

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