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Sacred Games review

Sacred Games review

 Review of Sacred Games

The screen adaptation of the Vikram Chandra’s novel with the same titular had been already streaming high on Netflix. The main crew is Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, and many more eminent actors. The Sacred Games will be directed by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. Here we are back with the review of this very famous series. The season has full 8 episodes. Each series is titled with a unique Hindi head that relates closely to what is going to occur in that series like- Ashwathama, Halahala, Aatapi Vatapi, Brahmahatya, Sarama, Rudra, Yayati. The show has got 9.3/10 IMDB ratings.

Sacred Games review

The story comes out to be a drag of events that will grip your attention in its crime and thrill. Nawazuddin will be featured as a gangster Ganesh Gaitonde. Radhika as a RAW analyst Anjali Mathur whereas Saif is seen as a cop, Sartaj Singh. These characters are framed in the Mumbai and its politics creamed with the crime is the main issue.

The plot is set back in the last century. An enormous scandal hit the Indian city where the organized crimes get entangled. However, it becomes unclear until the very end that who actually did the crime and why the mysteries were only used as clues and not as cases to be solved. The thriller sometimes becomes of the same kind and hence causes the unnecessary clash and win.


Being Netflix’s first Indian production, the series was expected to be the grand hit with a deserving base. Especially when Anurag Kashyap and Nawaz were seen working together, the outcome is supposed to be unexpectedly good. The crime thrillers are quite being popular for a few time and this one is seen to be the supremo of all the Indian based TV series.

Nawazuddin as Ganesh is seen to be a catastrophic gangster who has gone through a lot in past. Thus to some extent, his character is justified. But him threatening to destroy the whole Mumbai seems to be unjustified. It’s just that he is a ploy and he has to give some ultimatum. However, Siddiqui is a person who clearly expresses the character. He rises under the belly of Bombay. He expresses what religious and political turbulence exactly mean in the society. The consequences they have on people is also well seen.

Review of Sacred Games

Saif who is portraying the character of the lowly divorced policeman is seen having no life. He only has to find and hide the criminals. At last, his character is also explained as a Sardar who had gone into the churnings of India-Pakistan partition. He is against all the religious disturbances that these gangsters produce just to initiate violence.

Sacred games 2018 netlfix


The series on Netflix has got wider acceptance although it has used religion also as the sub-tool for the character’s authenticity.

At the conclusion, we can say that Sacred Games is not completely innovative and different in the story plot. The things are molded and served in a new way. Rest the criticism of the society, religious barricades, and unseen political influence

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