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Sonali Bendre is about to die? everything you need to know


Sonali Bendre is about to die? everything you need to know

A veteran actress who was seen during 90s movies and till late managed herself into the limelight of the Television series through reality shows like India’s Best Dramebaaz is now diagnosed with cancer.

sonali bendre cancer

She is suffering from the metastatic center. She is presently undergoing treatment in New York. Everyone was shocked to hear the news where she herself announced herself falling victim to cancer. She has worked for many years in the Hindi film industry and has earned many colleagues who are wishing her strength and a speedy recovery.

sonali bindre metastatic cancer

Sonali Bendre is presently 43 year old and had posted this whole long story of how she was diagnosed with cancer following meagre niggling pain and is now battling the disease along with the support through her close friends and family. Akshay Kumar, her co-star in ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara!’ (2013), was visiting her this morning to gain her support through her hard time.


The post that came yesterday was spreading shock waves in the country to which she reassured that she would be taking the battle as a fighter and will be back soon. The amount of love everyone is outpouring in the Bollywood industry to her to keep her strength is simply outstanding. She took to Twitter as a platform to tell about her high-grade cancer that has metastasized.

sonali bendre cacer message twitter

When the actress was actually diagnosed remains still unclear. She has been sent wishes by her sister-in-law also who said that she is a fighter and she would be coming back to her normal life soon. Sonali has recently been amongst the most trending option on google and other sites in just one night because of the tragic news, her fans are circulating the news in various platforms asking for good wishes. Many are simply shocked by the news.

While discussing the symptoms Sonali said that it was so nominal like spreading any flu. Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan are also in the queue for sending her the get well soon wishes. The cancerous cell in metastatic are the cancerous cells that grow at some other location taking from some previous

origin. Lately Irrfan Khan was also diagnosed with cancer and now this actress is on her way to join the battle for a fight that might also cost her life. But we wish her too to recover soon and gain all that she would scum during the fight. The actress would be dearly waited to come back from the prolonged fight.

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