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Top 10 best moment of football world cup 2018

best moment of football world cup

OMG moments of World cup 2018

Finally the FIFA World Cup 2018 has almost come to an end with moments all sort of ups and downs, highs and lows, joy and heartbreaks; Someone rightly said that ‘the WC 2018 Russia is one of the best’ this true in many aspects as all the predictions that were being made failed vigorously, and two total underdogs outshone on the field; the teams Croatia and Belgium to play against each other in the last and the final match of the tournament, to decide the champion of the FIFA WC 2018. Both of the teams to play against each other have proven their worth in the tournament till now and returning home without the WC 2018 will be the disgrace any one of the teams will have to face, and, none of them would like to miss a chance to become a Champion for the very first time.

We will be celebrating the some of the best moments of the World Cup 2018

1) Carlos Sanchez receiving the World’s fastest red card


The Columbian defender became the fastest one to be dismissed in the tournament after deliberately hand-balling Shinji Kagawa’s drive. The Columbians faced a loss later in that match, giving Japan their first victory in the World Cup 2018.

2) Messi missing Penalty

Top 10 best moment of football world cup 2018

All the social platforms were flooded when Leo Messi did the most unexpected error. He missed an easy penalty which was deployed against his team by the debutant opponent Iceland. The match could have been won but he blew off this very gilt-edged opportunity for victory.

3) One more bitter loss to Brazil after 2014 world cup


Brazil went 7-1 to Germany in the 2014 World cup which was the worst defeat by Brazilians. This year also Uruguay managed to score 2-1 against them and the host Brazil was more shocked than being sorry.

4) Germany’s exit

10 best moment of football world cup 2018

This moment was called as a historic disgrace where people especially Germany fans were silent with dismay. This was the first time defeat of the team that had hailed four times world championship in the FIFA world cup.

5) Michy Batshuayi twitter reaction to a ball that kicked his face.

best moment of football world cup 2018

Dortmund striker scooped up the ball after Adnan Januzaj scored and kicked it hard. However the ball should have aimed at the net, it hit the post and rebounded onto his face. He did not get any physical injury. But he wrote his ouch moment on twitter with the caption ‘Why am I so Stupid bro’ and a long list of emojis.

6) A goal in 60 seconds.


Denmark and Croatia round of Sixteen matches was so fast and engrossing because the teams were so super active that they scored within four minutes of the kick-off.

7) Harry Kane from England becomes the Hurrican


He won the World Cup Golden Boot. He becomes the next from England after Gary Lineker who had won it 32 years ago. He is on the fast track to virtual fame in England, matching Lineker’s tally of six goals in just three matches (1986).

8) Ronaldo hits the hattrick

OMG moments of World cup 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a stunning hat-trick as Portugal snatched 3-3 draw with Spain in a World Cup classic on 15th of the June.

9) Shaqiri forming an eagle after giving a blow to Serbia

best OMG moments of World cup 2018

Before him, Granit Xhaka has done the same thing. They brought their palms together forming an eagle which was a reference to the two-headed eagle on the Albanian flag.

10) Neymar Jr once again rolls out


Neymar Jr once again rolls out but this time in a funny way, as he always manages to win a penalty for falling drastically. This time he did it against the Costa Rica.

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